Book Your Stay in Mallorca the Right Way with Lovely Holiday Villas at Cala D’or

If you have booked an island vacation for the Spanish coast, chances are you’ll be popping by Mallorca. While nearby Menorca is equally lovely in its way and plays host to more than 1 million tourists per year, Mallorca blows its sister island out of the water with more than 10 times that amount. With more than 10 million tourists coming to the island each year, with around 20% of that number being thanks to British nationals on holiday.

When searching for holiday villas in which to while away their sun-drenched days on Mallorca, many of those tourists seek out Cala D'or villas. Advantageously located on the island and featuring some of the best floor plans of any stay on Mallorca, booking a villa in Cala D'or can be a great way to book your stay in Mallorca the right way.

So, what is behind one of the hottest island getaways in Europe?

One Island, Two Spellings

For one thing, this great island getaway has two names – or, rather, two ways of spelling and pronouncing its name. If you search for or pronounce the name as “Majorca” intending to say it with the “J” sound in “John” you’re dealing with the Anglicized version. By contrast “Mallorca” with the double “ll” sound, as in “tortilla,” is the Spanish spelling and pronunciation.

A Sunny Climate

One of the big reasons why Mallorca stands out as a vacation destination is the fact that it offers visitors a great deal of sunshine year round. The vast majority of the year is sunny, with very few instances of it being cloudy or rainy. In addition, the climate can be quite warm in spring and summer without being blisteringly hot, while autumn and winter are likewise cooler without being truly cold.

Local History

As with its sister island Menorca, Mallorca has been witness to a great deal of Mediterranean multiculturalism over the years as a holding of the Phoenicians, Carthaginians, Romans, Moors, and Spanish. The final major conflict of the War of Spanish Succession took place on the island in 1715. Since the middle of the 20th century, Mallorca in general and the Palma area in particular has experienced a boom in both size as well as international popularity. As a result, more visitors from the EU and immigrant workers from the EU, as well as African countries have filled the island.

Local Food and Drink

Given its many marinas and Mediterranean lifestyle, it should come as no surprise that Mallorca offers several great clubs and excellent seafood dining. They offer some of the best pintxos and tapas on the island, with two locations in Palma, one in the bustling heart of the city and the other in an older, quieter part of town. For some authentic local cuisine done differently, try Simply Fosh, a restaurant located in a 17th-century structure that specializes in putting modern twists on Mediterranean recipes. If you’re looking for a wine tasting treat, try Celler Sa Premsa, a 1950s-era wine lover’s paradise with an intimate interior and some of the best wine in Mallorca.

Book your stay at one of the great villas in Cala D'or and see for yourself what makes Mallorca one of the Mediterranean’s true tourist hotspots.